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The grandmother plot
Palace of the drowned
Jewel of the Nile
The last checkmate : a novel
The people we keep
Razorblade tears
On animals
End of days : a Pike Logan novel
Find me : a novel
The family you make : a novel
The horsewoman : a novel
Her new story
There is a season : a Civil War novel
The holiday swap
Shelter from the storm
Waiting on love
A Christmas legacy : a novel
The defense lawyer : the Barry Slotnick story
An Amish schoolroom : three stories
Chain of command : a Jack Ryan novel
The beach house
Wait for it
Shadows of Swanford Abbey
The Christmas bookshop
Carved in stone
Smile : the story of a face
Flying angels : a novel
Seasonal work : stories
The book of magic : a novel
The Devil You Know
A little Christmas spirit
Wish you were here : a novel
Someone perfect : a Westcott novel
The becoming
A crime of a different stripe
Once a laird
The matzah ball
The postmistress of Paris : a novel