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After sundown
The final deception
The wedding dress
Camino winds
The book of longings
Dead land
Savage son : a thriller
The runaway bride
Feels like falling
The split
The heirloom garden
Walk the wire
The Magnolia sisters
The backstabbers : a Red Ryan western
The mirror & the light
Children of the stars
Before I called you mine : a novel
A good neighborhood : a novel
The night watchman : a novel
The land beneath us
The K team
Lord Holt takes a bride
Saint X : a novel
The red lotus : a novel
The Jerusalem assassin : a novel
Yours in scandal
The boy from the woods : a novel
Hit list
A reasonable doubt : a novel
Lethal game
Getting good / (CD)
Wildcard / (CD)
What you see is what you get / (CD)
Country fuzz / (CD)