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New Sound Recordings
High stakes : a novel
Dropout boogie / (CD)
Explosions / (CD)
The do-over
Boss witch
Kingdom of bones : a thriller
Remarkably bright creatures : a novel
The caretakers : a novel
Summer at the Cape
The candy house
Overboard : a V.I. Warshawski novel
Summer love
Lightning in a mirror
A beautiful time / (CD)
Palomino / (CD)
Dangerous mountain rescue
22 seconds
The investigator : a Letty Davenport novel
An honest lie
Insomnia : a novel
Ready to protect
The letter from Briarton Park
Once a thief
The wedding veil
Death by chocolate chip cupcake
The Dickens boy
Illogical : saying yes to a life without limits
Killer view
With love from Rose Bend
The lying club
The next thing you know
Like a sister
Immortal rising
Lessons from the edge : a memoir
The Baxters : a prequel
Sand Dollar Lane
The children on the hill